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About Bestpass

Bestpass creates innovative, practical and valuable solutions for simplifying the toll-related challenges faced by commercial truckers, fleet managers and tolling facilities.


john web

John Andrews
President & CEO

John has more than 20 years of experience in technology implementation, senior management, and development and deployment of scalable services and solutions. John was selected to serve as President and CEO of Bestpass in the fall of 2009 when the organization had four employees, processing $15 million in tolls annually. The company has since grown to more than 40 employees, processing more than $400 million in tolls annually. Outside of the office, John enjoys a busy home life with his wife and three kids and is a home brewer of craft beer.

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Heather Nolan
Vice President of Products & Services

Heather joined Bestpass in 2009, with more than 18 years of systems analysis, design, software development, and project leadership experience. She has been instrumental in the evolution of the company from a discounted toll service to a nationwide commercial electronic toll and bypass management service provider. Heather is a devoted football and basketball mom who, along with her husband, cheers the loudest for their two sons at their games.

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Chuck Ayers
Director of Finance

Chuck came to Bestpass in October 2010 with more than 18 years of experience in accounting, budgeting, cash management, and financial and strategic planning for both domestic and international operations. Chuck oversees all functional activities and policies related to finance and accounting for Bestpass. Outside of the office, Chuck is a DIYer with a tricked out basement bar, which his wife lets him use sometimes when he’s not spending time with their son.

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Mike Magliocca
Director of Sales

Mike joined Bestpass in 2010 with 20 years of career experience, primarily in the sales and advertising fields. Mike has applied his experience and enthusiasm to expand the company’s sales to previously untapped markets, while managing and growing an expanding sales team. Outside of work, Mike devotes much of his time to his sports-minded family and coaches several levels of his children’s sports teams, and is the head coach for his hometown’s girls’ varsity basketball team.

ali web

Alison Knowlton
Director of Marketing & Communications

Ali joined Bestpass in 2013, with more than 12 years of customer service, project management, and management experience. With a formal education in writing and critical reasoning, Ali has a solid foundation for her responsibilities of articulating the Bestpass message and image, as well as assuring its consistent communication across all constituencies. In her spare time, Ali is a Pinterest-addicted-crafter, whose husband and young son “benefit” from her many projects.

wallyp web

Wally Perea
Director of Customer Service

Wally has extensive expertise in managing cross-functional teams, customer satisfaction and multi-million dollar budgets for well-known international brands including Target and the Walt Disney World Resort. At Bestpass, Wally manages the Customer Service team, ensuring the highest possible level of service for the company's customers. When he's not leading the Customer Service team, he likes to enjoy a book on the beach and hang out with his wife and two young children.


Ray Gagnon
Vice President of Operations

Ray joined Bestpass in 2017. He oversees the company's day-to-day operations while also focusing on strategic planning and goal-setting to achieve company goals. Ray is a resource to every employee at Bestpass, serving as a business trainer, coach and mentor. He has more than 25 years of leadership experience, spanning strategic and tactical planning, training and mentoring, business development, and operational management.


TANY transparentBG WhiteInside MED

Founded in 2001 by the Trucking Association of New York, Bestpass was designed for truckers, by truckers, to save commercial motor carriers time and money. Bestpass offers a streamlined, single-source toll management service that includes toll discounts, consolidated billing, violation processing and a single device for both toll and weigh station bypass. Bestpass is compatible with a growing number of toll and weigh station bypass networks and has partnerships with state highway authorities throughout the United States. Currently, Bestpass processes more than $30 million in toll monthly for more than 3,400 carriers, including FedEx, Prime, Werner Enterprises and YRC Freight.

Thruway toll barrier at Williamsville NY

Trucking Association of New York (TANY) creates their Thruway Safety and Savings Program in an effort to provide maximized toll savings to their members.


Maryland Motor Truck Association (MMTA) partners with TANY to assist in the development of the niche billing software required to operate the administrative functions of its Maryland-based E-ZPass volume discount program. This partnership continues today with Bestpass.


As a result of continued growth and the desire to service out-of-state, non-TANY members, Bestpass, Inc., is formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of the TANY.


The Bestpass Board of Directors recognizes stable revenues and strong basis in technology afforded an opportunity to expand Bestpass' reach. John Andrews is hired as president and chief operating officer in the fourth quarter.


Bestpass further simplifies services for clients by introducing a single monthly statement that incorporated five toll and bypass products into one invoice.

October 2011
Bestpass sends out its first edition of Booth Time the company's newsletter, to customers, employees, and other valued members.

December 2011
Bestpass partners with Mercer.

Fusion Transponders

January 2012
The Fusion transponder allows carriers to simplify their operations and utilize a single transponder to access all E-ZPass and weigh station bypass services provided nationally.

May 2012
Bestpass launches its Automatic Misread Identification Service (AMIS), a service that identifies misreads on select toll facilities along with submittal for appropriate credit is handled by Bestpass.

August 2012
Enhanced Port Authority of New York and New Jersey discount program is formed, providing an additional discount of 10 percent on any non-peak toll usage class 2-6 vehicles.

September 2012
Introduces the Bestpass-Mobile to spread the word about Bestpass on the road!

October 2012
Bestpass introduces new, smaller form factor windshield mount toll transponders to its members for their convenience.


January 2013
Bestpass transponder functions on all toll facilities in North Carolina via North Carolina's electronic toll service, NC Quick Pass.

April 2013
The company gives its customers the ability to download their toll in real time, as soon as it is received and processed from the tolling authorities

May 2013
Bestpass entered an agreement with Colorado E-470 EXpressToll to provide discounted toll services on their facilities, without requiring the use of an additional transponder. This was the first non-E-ZPass agency to join the Bestpass suite, providing a 20 percent discount on usage to its client base.

June 2013
Bestpass launches its Transponder Protection Service to aid in the mitigation of damage assessment fees incurred when returning leased transponders to the New York State Thruway (NYSTA). The service consists of a protective plastic case along with transponder remediation and cleaning when the transponder is returned to Bestpass prior to being returned to the NYSTA.

August 2013
Bestpass and TransCore/Link Logistics form partnership.

September 2013
The Account at a Glance page is added to Bestpass invoice, which summarizes monthly tolls, as well as year-to-date savings.

September 2013
Bestpass partners with the New York State Farm Bureau.


Since its inception, Bestpass has generated in more than $42 million in toll savings to Bestpass clients.

January 2014
Bestpass signs an agreement with the Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA), offering coverage on their seven bridges in the California Bay Area.

March 2014
Bestpass partners with Landstar. For each Landstar driver that signs up for the Bestpass service, Bestpass donates $5 to benefit Landstar's Benevolent Fund.

May 2014
Bestpass adds Washington State (WSDOT) to growing network of tolling authorities

June 2014
Verrazano - Narrows Bridge Toll Relief implemented results in a discount on tolls for commercial vehicles up to 20%. The discount that comes in the form of a rebate is available to vehicles that make more than 10 trips a month on qualified commercial accounts.

July 2014
Bestpass now has more than 250,000 pieces of equipment and over 125,000 transponders in service and is processing more than $22 million in tolls monthly for trucking operations

August 2014
The Niagara Falls Bridge Commission's international border crossings are added to the Bestpass service network.

September 2014
To accommodate our growth, the compay moves to a new office at 500 New Karner Road.

Bestpass, along with NYSMTA, hosts their first-ever touch-a-truck fundraiser Operation: Big Wheels for Heroes to benefit Wreaths Across America. More than 500 people from the Capital Region attended and more than $1500 was raised.

October 2014
Bestpass introduces the Bestpass Data Interchange platform to provide seamless management through automated integration and exchange of toll and vehicle related information with fleet back office systems.


October 2015
To better serve its customers, Bestpass introduces exclusion zones as part of its notification platform, sending dynamic, timely alerts to fleet managers and helping them track instances of unplanned toll usage or company policy breaches. 

November 2015
Bestpass announces that the company will provide its customers with full tolling coverage in Texas.


April 2016
Bestpass announces several new services, including Bestpass Complete, giving customers a single device for all their toll, and the Freedom Service, effectively expanding toll coverage to include all U.S. toll roads.

May 2016
With the addition of toll coverage in Oklahoma, Bestpass now offers the first, and currently only, fully functional and operational national tolling solution for commercial fleets.

June 2016
Bestpass is ranked sixth on the Albany Business Review's list of Fastest-Growing Companies in the Capital Region of New York state.

July 2016
Bestpass launches a new web portal at my.bestpass.com to help its customers more efficiently manage their fleets, as well as to access advanced tolling and trucking analytics and reporting.

August 2016
The company creates two new departments - a dedicated Owner-Operator Customer Service team and a Fulfillment Center - to provide more efficient and cost-effective service to its expanding customer base.

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