The I-Pass is an electronic device that drivers put in their cars to expedite the process of traveling on toll roads in the state of Illinois. The I-Pass offers an advantage to drivers that equip their vehicles with it, because it can significantly save them time on their travels. Drivers that have the I-Pass installed in their vehicle can pass through toll checkpoints in Illinois without having to go through one of the booths. This means the I-Pass transponder will register the car going through the checkpoint without stopping, while those without an I-Pass device have typically stop to pass through toll booths.

Another nice feature of the I-Pass system is so-called “video-tolling.” I-Pass users who for some reason forget their I-Pass transponder can still roll through the toll checkpoints at full speed, and their I-Pass account will be charged for the toll by their license plate number. This is a nice feature, but customers who abuse this privilege will have their I-Passes revoked and be charge fines for evasion of tolls.

Users pay their I-Pass account through credit card payments that can be made online at the I-Pass website. Users load money onto their accounts with their credit cards, and the account is automatically refilled with the credit card on file when it drops below a certain amount.

As well as all Illinois Tollways and the Chicago Skyway, the I-Pass can be used on other states’ toll roads. These include the Indiana Tollway, the Ohio Turnpike, toll roads in New York and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The I-Pass is also good at all EZPass toll roads in the northeastern United States.

BESTPASS is completely interoperable on these facilities with the same or enhanced discounts and services.